Double Polarized Flutter+Echo is a double mono/stereo version of Polarized Flutter force sensor controlled lofi tapestop pedal. It features two separate Polarized Flutter circuits, separate bypass controls for each ‘channel’ and a parallel/series switch to choose between double Mono Flutters in series or separate Flutters for true stereo processing.

Each ‘channel’ of Double Polarized Flutter+Echo has all functions of the original Polarized Flutter – upwards tapestop, downwards tapestop, slight vibrato, touch controlled chorus, percussive touch controlled swell and ezhi&aka Signature fuzz built in now with a dedicated volume control – and you can use it in Echo mode for controllable feedback/oscillation drones, fuzz soundscapes and instant splashes of lofi echo.

Two ‘channels’ allow for different processing of two separate signals as this pedal is basically two pedals in one enclosure.

Throw two signals into downward tapestop, instant or smooth with different drop points and mix in clean signal for flanging and over the top chorus sounds.

Manipulate each ‘channel’s’ delay chip’s clock in upwards tapestop mode for tape flutter effect and use the new echo capabilities to produce drops of modulated lofi repears once you press the pad.

Amplitude control modes can be used in conjunction with tapestop modes and echo capabilities for sudden bursts of delay, flutter or fuzzy drone exactly when and where you want it.

The sensor is strange and sensitive so experimenting with pressing it through sponges, brushes etc. should be fun too.

The pad (FSR, sensor, touchpad) can absolutely be pressed with your foot, was designed for this and this concept was tested on more than 100 Moomindrones, Tapes and Terverbs released with the same pad.

$400 shipped