Tape T is the advanced version of broken tape deck emulator filtering your guitar signal, adding noise and dirty clicking and popping vibrato and/or tremolo provided by two tapable multiwave intercollected lfos.

Vibrato and tremolo mechanisms provide a wider sound pallette, dry/wet mix with full wet is added, as well as a couple of new modes including ‘burnt tape’ and ‘reverse tremolo’.

Fuzz is there and it kicks ass. It’s also 4 times louder than ‘normal’ wet signal, so be prepared for a wall of sound when you flip that switch for the first time.

All controls interact with each other so if you enjoy twiggling the knobs while you play you will be getting very unique and strange sounds.

Force sensitive pad (FSR) connects you directly to the main chip’s clock allowing you to tapestop, drop and break the signal, amplify and change the various noises this pedal is capable of producing.


CONTACT or DM me to reserve yours, no deposit needed.

9VDC center negative (Boss style) 100ma

120*100*35mm+17mm knobs/ 4,7*3,9*1,4in+0,7 knobs