TERRIBLE MOTHER is my most outlandish development to date.

It uses Russian Dice randomizer engine to juggle between five separate signals – four uniquely voiced delay engines and your clean signal.

Russian Dice randomizer can be controlled directly by your signal for ringmoddish sounds, by a randomized lfo partly controlled by the input signal or a simple tap tempo circuit.

Scanning through four delayed versions of the input signal produces choppy rhythmic patterns, unpredictable and controllable at the same time. Well that is if you spend some time with Terrible Mother and learn her habits.

This pedal is as experimental as it gets, even to my unhealthy standards, so make sure you need some total madness in your setup if you want to order it.


$150 shipped for those who got refunds in 2021

CONTACT or DM me to reserve yours today. No deposits, you pay only when the pedal is finished.

9VDC center negative (Boss style) 200ma

100*120*35mm+17mm knobs/ 3,9*4,7*1,4in+0,7 knobs