Double Tape T is a true stereo/double mono version of the advanced broken tape deck emulator. It’s basically two original Tape T circuits in one larger enclosure with separate true bypass footswitches and a parallel (stereo)/series (double mono) switch to be used in different applications.

Each Tape T circuit takes you clean signal, applies lofi filtering and clipping, add noise and clicks. Separate dry and wet mix controls allow to add as much lofi to your original sound as needed. If you want more – there is a dedicated unique ‘burnt tape’ mode which sounds just like it’s called.

Each circuit has a built in digital comparator Tape Fuzz combining lots of gain and low end boost with a very reliable noisegate while providing a very long sustain.

Tape Engine of both circuits can modulate pitch and amplitude of your signal with two tap tempo multiwaveform lfos.

There is one pitch modulation/vibrato mode, controlled by its own lfo and varying from slight jumping vibrato to complete pitch destruction, broken tape style. You can also modulate this lfo’s depth or speed via the second lfo to add some unpredictability and life to your tape chewing vibrato.

Both lfos can modulate the signal’s amplitude in any of two modes – pretty straghtforward amplitude tremolo, lowering the volume of wet signal or new reverse tremolo, adding gain to the wet signal under control of the lfo.

A FSR (force sensitive resistor) touchpad is connected directly to main chip’s clock for manual wobble, flutter and tapestops.

Vibrato, FSR clock manipulation, amp and reverse tremolo and lfo1’s pitch or depth modulation can be applied simultaneously.

The knobs and switches interact with each other so if you enjoy twiggling the controls while you play you will be getting very unique and strange sounds. Or get lost.

Double Tape T features some more possibilities than the original. Beside true stereo operation with separate bypass and tap tempo controls it allows to syncronize either lfo3 and lfo4 (two lfos of the left channel) to lfo2 (of the right channel) and switch the whole pedal to series/mono operation.

HERE you can learn more about Tape T, two of which are the hearts of DTT.


CONTACT or DM me to reserve yours today. No deposits, you pay only when the pedal is finished.

9VDC center negative (Boss style) 200ma

222*146*55mm + 17mm knobs/8,8*5,8*2,9in with knobs