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RUNNING FOR 78 is a CD skip/glitch/sample rate reducer pedal inspired by the way old portable CD players would glitch when shaken, for example when you very running for a bus with the player being attached to your belt.

Based on a 12 bit obsolete delay IC using old 256Kbit memory IC, this pedal provides very natural sample rate reduction ranging from slight lofi tone to complete destruction beyond note recognition, but this is just the beginning.

The main feature is the CD skip/glitch effect controlled via envelope or a built in IR sensor. Simply moving your foot over the sensor chops the signal into tiny delayed pieces and scans through them producing the effect.

Envelope control provides more straightforward glitch modulation controlled entirely by your playing.

Control sources can be combined.

Both controls can affect the sample rate too.

RUNNING FOR 78 was developed to produce non-conventional glitch tones (there are enough stutters and granular modulators on the market) and tasty sample rate reduction.

$300 shipped


27 units reserved for all early preorders, refunded or not, with the original discount and free shipping.