GENTLE LIQUIDATION is a new take on the quite old concept previously used in Mr/Sir/SirMr Glitchy series of pedals – destruction of a delay chip via your input signal.

It uses input signal, its envelope, its frequencies and power to affect not only chip’s clock or delay time, but to bring bad radio noises and truly broken sounds out of the poor old IC.

This pedal not only produces these noises, but makes sure to insert them into your input signal, replacing parts of it with the broken madness. So, in a way, input signal gently liquidates chip’s sound and chip’s sound gently destroys input signal.

That being said, your input signal remains unaffected until the noises are inserted, you don’t hear them, you don’t feel them. By selecting one of the insertion modes – gate, reverse gate, random etc you choose how much broken stuff gets into the mix and when.

GENTLE LIQUIDATION loves rhythmic inputs and is happy to follow your rhythm, even without tap tempo, but you absolutely can use tap tempo to make noises even more controllable.

Speaking of control, wet signal can be processed through a dirty resonant low pass filter built around another old chip which was not supposed to produce filtering.

Alongside TERRIBLE MOTHER, this new pedal is even more outlandish and different than my other stuff. But if you ever dreamt of sudden radio noises taking over whatever your were playing while what you are playing directly affects the noises and basically produces them – than this pedal is for you.

Forgot to mention – you can also record your own noise (or the sweetest guitar tone possible) into the pedal and insert it into your playing together with radio noises.