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Polarized Flutter is a force sensor controlled lofi tapestop pedal.

Upwards tapestop, downwards tapestop, slight vibrato, touch controlled chorus, percussive touch controlled swell and ezhi&aka Signature fuzz built in now with a dedicated volume control to save your vintage amps.

Downward mode with smooth literally askes to press the sensor quite hard and hold it there to engage a slow but inevitable tapestop. Mixing in some clean signal sounds like your chorus pedal is trying to jump off a cliff.

Upward mode connects you to the main chip’s clock directly through the force sensor and even slightest movements and changes in pressure destabilize your signal’s pitch and sound quality for that tape flutter effect.

The sensor is strange and sensitive so experimenting with pressing it through sponges, brushes etc. should be fun too.

The pad (FSR, sensor, touchpad) can absolutely be pressed with your foot, was designed for this and this concept was tested on more than 100 Moomindrones, Tapes and Terverbs released with the same pad.