POUR CONCRETE is a recording/mangling/playback machine design to create lofi textures, rhythms and drones from all kind of input signals. The main trick is really old – record at one ‘speed’ (sample rate/pitch) and play at a different one, creating a repeating pattern of stretched and messed up portion of your input signal. Crossfade between two separate recordings for seamless ambient transitions, trigger each recording with your input signal (or lack there of), control record and playback with tap tempo, chop for rhythmic stuff.

Each lane has almost of minute of super lofi recording time (below 1khz sample rate), or up to several seconds on highest settings. Recording and playing back at the same speed produces very natural wobble and flutter due to the imperfections of the hardware, also filtering and transforming any sound you feed into it, can be used as a lofi mastering tool too.